News Update

Removal of Recycling Facilities at
Soudley Village Hall

A few weeks ago it became necessary to remove the recycling facilities located in the carpark of Soudley Village Hall. We understand that some Parishioners have taken issue with this and that this continues to be an issue of contention.

Unfortunately, the removal of the recycling centre was unavoidable for several reasons;

Lower Road Bridge: The underlying structural integrity of the bridge is sound and will last for many years to come, the same cannot be said for the decking however, which is being damaged by the weight of the lorries driving over it to collect the recycling. This type of traffic was not envisaged when the bridge was built in the early 1970’s.

The deck and handrails now need to be replaced and upgraded at a substantial cost. The funds for these works are currently being raised. The removal of the large recycling lorries from using the bridge will help to extend the life of the decking for the immediate future until funds are secured for its replacement.

Fly tipping: The Village Hall Committee has received many complaints from residents of Lower Road regarding vehicles using the car park late into the night for the purpose of fly tipping rubbish and business waste. These vehicles are from outside of the immediate Soudley area and are causing a nuisance to the residents of the area. The mess being left has to be dealt with and this is often being done by the village hall committee members themselves.

Kerbside recycling collection: When the recycling centre was installed, there was no kerbside collection of domestic recycling. All items which were recyclable at the carpark are able to be recycled at the kerbside for collection by Forest of Dean District Council operatives. If you need new or additional bins, bags or boxes for your recycling, please request these at:

It is the responsibility of Forest of Dean District Council to ensure the availability of recycling services. If your recycling is not being collected at the kerbside, or you have any other comments regarding the provision of recycling services in Soudley, please contact FoDCC at:

Notice Date: 20/03/2023