Chair's Report

April 2020 – March 2021

Thanks to all the councillors for their contribution to Ruspidge & Soudley over the last year plus an a thank you for our Parish Clerk who hopefully endeavours to make our life easier.

The main points (you may disagree with my choice) that I have picked out are as follows:-

April Nothing of note to report!

May Due to Covid requirements the Chair remains in situ. Plus no Annual Parish meeting held. £17 million of grants allocated to local business from District. Recycling centres re-opened but appointment only. Internal audit signed off with no irregularities been found.

June Oak Quarry re-opened, online booking required. Suspended ceiling at Soudley village hall given the go ahead, funding initially by us then the county with our funds coming back to our coffers.

July Grants were approved to Soudley football and SARA. Play areas to be visited to establish priority works. Complaints ref. Sheep grazing in Soudley – passed to the Street Warden to investigate.

August No meeting.

September First face to face meeting for some time at Ruspidge hall. Leisure centres now open. St Whites ongoing – junction still a bottleneck.

VAS maintenance contract to be reviewed. Play area sub-committee

formed to organise necessary works.

October VAS maintenance contract renewed. Council asked to see if we have available sites for allotments (District request). New website approved reference quote from TEEC Ltd. (Councillor Richardson to lead).

November Leisure centres once more in lockdown. St. Wardens are dealing with the sheep badgers to resolve the Soudley sheep problem. Number of free school meals for half term was 5,600 (County). Draft budget produced for 2021/2022 for consideration. On the play areas,

three quotes received and the sub-committee will determine the way forward. New website to have new domain name- ruspidgesoudley-

December Contractors at St. Whites reminded by letter from the District of their obligations as problems still exist on Buckshaft Road. Budget – council resolved that we request £49 020.00 for 2021/2022 precept. New website should be live from 11/12/20.

January Back to remote again----boring!!!!!

All quiet on the eastern front.

February Soudley bridge closed due to debris build up in the brook. Council approved Greenfields Ltd. To carry out the works in our three park areas. Council refused a grant request from Ruspidge Hall for disabled access – they have enough funds to cover this themselves.

March District agreed their budget and as a result, council tax is £5 per annum for Band D properties. According to County, 500,000 tonnes of tarmac have been used on county roads with 130,000 potholes filled. (not sure where!) Council approved to place order with Greenfields for replacement chains and seat at Ruspidge.

With regard to our play areas I believe that the refurbishment has now been virtually completed and it's a matter of now settling up the bill from S106 monies. Will keep you all updated on this process – we might hear something Friday as there is an actual meeting being held at District.

Planning applications for the above period I made as 36 received.

Any questions/queries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Acland - Chair

Notice Date: 08/05/2021