Ruspidge/Soudley Road Closure Update

Ruspidge & Soudley Road Closuer Update


Ruspidge Road update:

At present there is a risk is too high to open the road even under traffic lights, the depth of the hole and how close to the centre line would prohibit us from agreeing to allow passage again and further we would need to re-close the road to carry out the repairs.

We have had receipt of the Geo reports which have confirmed this is not a large scale sink hole and would appear to have been some washout from the STW leak a few weeks prior to the hole appearing. Obviously we will keep private our dealing with STW regrading this and will carry out the repairs to reopen the road as soon as possible and no their has been no hinderance from them regarding the survey works or any other issues with them here.

We have plant booked for the repairs to start at the end of this month for a two week period following this the road will be reopened. While the road is closed we will be carrying out some additional works during the two weeks.

The site will be inspected by the Geo team ongoing until they are happy there is no additional movement following the re-opening of the road.

With regard to the road to Littledean this is not the official diversion route but I do understand that local are using this route, with this in mind we have added Sutton road to the winter maintenance plan so will be treated every time we call a salt run. When Ruspidge road is back open Sutton road will be removed from the list of roads treated.

From Highways Gloucestershire.